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June 25 – 29, 2018

Open to instructors of all dance disciplines wishing to gain an introduction to or deepen their understanding of the Martha Graham Technique®. This intensive, five-day workshop reviews basic floor work, standing, and traveling exercises and highlights connections between them. Tips on how to introduce or adapt Graham Technique for a wide range of students will be considered as well as creative ways to construct a class. Fee: $400 (includes workshop, class observations, and reception).


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Workshop Schedule

All classes held at The Martha Graham School • 55 Bethune Street • New York City

Monday, June 25
Floor Work Exercises
  • Review basic floor work exercises
  • Highlight key objectives and pedagogical targets
  • Consider logical and physical development
Tuesday, June 26
Floor Work and Standing Exercises
  • Review basic standing exercises
  • Highlight key objectives and pedagogical targets
  • Connect floor to standing
  • Consider logical and physical development
Wednesday, June 27
Standing and Traveling Exercises
  • Review basic traveling exercises, focusing on shift of weight
  • Connect standing to traveling
  • Consider logical and physical development
Thursday, June 28
Constructing a Class
  • Review all fundamental exercises
  • Identify connections between exercises to build class
  • Class development and lesson plan creation
Friday, June 29
Wrapping Up
  • Adapting classes: Teens, Adults, pre-Professionals, professionals, and others
  • Giving corrections: imagery and hands on tips
  • Open discussion and end-of-workshop reception

Participants are also encouraged to observe Graham Technique classes during the week of June 25th – 29th. Click below to access the class schedule



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