Professional Training at the Martha Graham School offers programming for advanced beginner through professional levels.

Current and former members of the Martha Graham Dance Company comprise the faculty, including several who danced with Graham herself. Programs support international F -1 Student Visas. For more information visit (International Students).


Developed for students seeking a career in dance, this two-year, full-time certificate program offers studies at the pre-professional level, including Graham Technique, ballet, contemporary, repertory, composition, cross training, acting, anatomy, music and dance history. Learn more >>


Designed for students of all levels who wish to engage in a rigorous course of study in the Martha Graham Technique and related disciplines.  Study in this non-certificate program requires a minimum commitment of one full semester, which may be renewed for up to four semesters. Learn more >>


This one-year, full-time certificate program prepares advanced and professional Graham dancers for a career in dance education. The fall semester addresses teaching methodology while the spring semester focuses on technical training in the Graham Technique and related disciplines. Learn more >>


This two-year, full-time certificate program admits students interested in advancing their studies in performance or composition.  Performance concentration offers a choice of two tracks, Graham 2 or Individualized Study. Students complete a thesis-equivalent portfolio of work. Learn more >>


Classes in Martha Graham Technique are foundational for all programs at the Graham School and are offered at the Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional levels.

GRAHAM I – Elementary
For students with little or no experience in the Martha Graham Technique, focusing on foundational principles and basic exercises. Goals include movement skills, concentration, and self-awareness.
GRAHAM II – Intermediate
For students with a solid understanding of elementary principles and a strong execution of all Level I material (e.g., seated contractions, deep stretches with spirals, turns around the back ending in pitch). Instruction builds strength, balance, stamina, focus, extended kinetic vocabulary, and an introduction to fundamental Graham phrases and repertory.
GRAHAM III – Advanced
For students with substantial experience in the Martha Graham Technique who demonstrate a strong command of all Level II material (including turns around the back to the strike, back leg extension with pleading to floor and recovery, sitting fall with spiral, and split fall). Instruction includes longer Graham phrases and repertory study.
GRAHAM IV – Advanced/Professional
Reserved for students with advanced and professional experience in the Martha Graham Technique, students learn extended Graham phrases and repertory, deepen physical and artistic mastery, and strive towards virtuosity as dance professionals.

PHOTOS: Martha Graham School students by Brigid Pierce; Larissa Terada by Melissa Sherwood